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It is well recognised that we could all benefit from a better understanding and confidence in the use of percentages, making comparisons, reporting and summarising data, providing evidence to support a case and making appropriate interpretations. Unfortunately the future workforce do not necessarily have a good experience in handling data at school and are not always aware of the usefulness of the skills in the workplace.

To date over 3500 children have taken part in SPoC and the positive feedback received from teachers, children and education specialists has prompted us to (i) Extend the challenge to further UK regions and (ii) Involve regional companies to inspire the children through real life uses of data in the workplace. To achieve these goals we are seeking support and involvement from local inspirational companies and teacher training colleges.

Launch of 'Inspire'

In 2013, the ‘Inspire’ campaign will offer specially selected companies the opportunity to improve the data skills of children and promote themselves as an effective user of data.

Why Sponsor?

Company involvement in ‘Inspire’ is through annual sponsorship, with a level chosen that reflects the importance in developing data skills by the company. Funding from sponsorship will be used to pay for prizes, certificates, judging, award ceremonies, documenting inspirational experiences and activity days. By providing a positive experience for children in performing data investigations at school, the skills and confidence in handling data can be transferred to the workplace.

In sponsoring the campaign, companies will also benefit from the regional PR with local schools and the community.

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