Poster viewer

We are delighted with the development of a new poster viewer which allows users to fully experience the SPoC posters. This is an advancement in statistics poster competitions as the content of posters, including the introduction, conclusion, results, charts, pictures can now be clearly viewed and appreciated by a wider audience. The viewer, completed in October 2012, is currently being used to illustrate the winning entries for 2012.

SPoC Judging 2012

The SPoC team were pleased to have the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching (The University of Sheffield), Professor Paul White, to help with the difficult task of selecting the winners from the high standard of poster entries.

2012 saw more regions participate in the challenge including many schools from East Anglia. As always there were a great number of entries from the Yorkshire region offering a variety of investigation topics.

The Olympics featured in many of the posters together with a variety of cross curricular themed investigations. Of particular interest was a study titled "Do children go to bed later on weekends than on weekdays?". Based on a survey of 40 children the results clearly showed a different pattern in bed times with 8.00pm being the most popular mid-week bedtime and 9.00pm being the most popular weekend bedtime.

Teaching Statistics Paper

The article written by Brad Payne (Conker Statistics), Jenny Freeman and Eleanor Stillman (The University of Sheffield) to be published in the Teaching Statistics Journal in 2013 is available as an early view online version.

The Statistics Poster Challenge (SPoC) is discussed in the article together with valuable lessons learned by the SPoC team in running the annual competition.

Letter of support 2012

Letters of support confirming that students enjoyed participating in the SPoC challenge are always welcome. It is also noted in the letter that SPoC is also suitable for children with learning difficulties.

Judging 2011

2011 was another great year for SPoC with a record number of entries bringing the total number of children taking part in SPoC to over 2500. Many of the investigations focused on topical themes including the Royal wedding of William and Kate. It was no surprise to learn that from a survey of 50 children that Kate was now the favourite member of the royal family, but it was a little disappointing to learn that Andrew and Charles were the least favourite.

SPoC presentation at ICOTS

SPoC experiences from 2007 to 2010 were presented by Conker Statistics at the International Conference on Teaching Statistics (ICOTS 8) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, July 2010. To date over 1600 students have taken part in the challenge and 395 prizes have been awarded. 

Judging 2010

As expected the football world cup featured in many of the boys poster investigations. This year we saw an improvement in the standard of posters from secondary schools. Possibly more class time was allowed in performing the investigations and creating the SPoC posters.

Judging 2009

Another year of judging. With an increase in entries it was a tough task getting through the judging in a single day. There was clear evidence that the children of all ages had fun in performing their investigations and creating their colourful posters.

Judging 2008

The number of entries was up on the previous year and many schools entered more classes into the challenge. The judges spent all day deliberating over the entries and overall were very pleased with the standard and creativity of the posters.

Judging 2007

The SPoC team of passionate judges from universities in Nottingham, Leicester and Sheffield unite to decide the winners for the first UK SPoC poster challenge. Many of the colourful posters involved performing a survey in finding out the favourite of an investigation and making comparisons between boys, girls, and age groups. Investigation themes included pop groups, football teams, colours, cars, animals, pizza, and TV programmes.