Judging will be made according to age group and on the basis of:

Overall impact of the display, clarity of message, use of appropriate graphs, creativity, and content.

  • Does the poster catch your eye?
  • Does the poster draw you into the investigation?
  • Do important relationships and patterns in the data stand out?
  • Is the conclusion supported by the poster?
  • Is the investigation at an appropriate level?

Prizes and certificates

  • All winners will receive a certificate.
  • Prizes for winners and entry certificates are awarded to students within sponsored regions of the UK.
  • For each age group within a sponsored region three prizes will be awarded.
  • Prizes are set by each sponsored region.
  • The minimum prizes are: 1st Prize = £25, 2nd Prize = £15, 3rd Prize = £10. Highly commended prizes are also awarded at the discretion of the judges.