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What is the most popular Animation Film?

School: Old Hall Junior School

Year group: 6

Number of students: 4

Award: Highly Commended


We wanted to find out what was the most popular American animated TV show out of these: The Simpsons, Dennis the Menance, Futurama and Phineas and Ferb. Our group went round asking which they preferred.


In conclusion the Simpsons were the most popular in year 3 and 4, they also got the most votes in year 5 and 6. That means that the Simpsons are definitely the most popular american animation cartoon. However, its a very different story for Dennis the Mennis, as he got no votes from any year groups. In year 4 and 3 Phines and Ferb scord1, Futurama also got 1. Whereas in years 5 and 6, Phones and Ferb got 3 and Futurama scord 2.